Do you ever feel like you can’t fully enjoy a hot cup of coffee or refreshing popsicle because of the sting in your teeth?

Oh, and ice in your drink? Yeah, you avoid that at all costs.

This can be due to sensitivity in your teeth.

Sensitivity can occur with over consumption of acidic drinks, such as sodas and energy drinks. It can also be caused when you have root exposure, which is known as recession. Recession can happen with vigorous tooth brushing and it can also be a symptom of periodontal disease, which can be diagnosed by your dentist.

To help with sensitivity, our hygienist suggests the following:

1. Applying fluoride(done at your dental visits).

2. Using desensitizing tooth paste, such as Sensodyne.

3.  Stopping consumption of acidic drinks.

Sensitivity can hinder you from truly enjoying your life. We can all agree that eating ice cream should never be associated with pain and discomfort!

So if the steps above don’t help relieve your sensitive teeth, please take the time to visit us so we can help you get back to enjoying your mint chocolate chip ice cream cone this summer.

Until next time,

The Gallo Dental Care team ?


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