A Comparison of Veneers and Other Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

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Dental veneers are a popular form of cosmetic dental treatment, and they are used to treat a range of issues. It is helpful to have an understanding of when veneers are the best option for treatment and how they compare to alternative solutions before determining the best course of action.

Veneers vs. other cosmetic options

The cosmetic dentist may provide several different treatment options to fix a cosmetic concern, such as the choice between veneers and dental bonding for a chipped tooth. By understanding how each alternative option compares to dental veneers, you can know the pros and cons of each potential choice. 

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are a way to repair cosmetic imperfections in a person’s smile, which may be the results of damaged teeth, worn-down teeth, teeth stains, misalignments or a variety of other issues. Veneers are most often made of porcelain material and involve customization in a lab before being placed over an existing tooth. There are many benefits to veneers over alternative options, and they are well-known for their cosmetic benefits and ability to transform a person’s smile. 

Veneers vs. dental bonding

Dental bonding is perhaps the most similar alternative to dental veneers, but there are some notable differences as well as similarities. Both are options for repairing a variety of cosmetic complications, but the process is different. Dental veneers are customized layers of porcelain, whereas dental bonding involves the use of a composite resin material bonded to the tooth to cover imperfections. Veneers are typically durable and capable of addressing more severe issues, while bonding can help deal with cosmetic imperfections. 

Veneers vs. braces

Many are surprised to hear how effective dental veneers are when used to achieve a smile that appears straighter. While severe misalignments may require braces or clear aligners treatment, mild instances of crooked or overcrowded teeth can often be addressed with dental veneers.

Also, patients who have issues with gaps between teeth may find veneers to be effective in filling in undesirable gaps. Both veneers and other teeth straightening solutions such as braces and clear aligners have their own cosmetic advantages. However, dental veneers typically are a much faster solution for mild cosmetic misalignments. 

Veneers vs. crowns

Dental crowns are a form of tooth restoration in which a tooth-sized cap is placed over an existing tooth to fix tooth damage or cosmetic complications. Crowns, as well as dental veneers, are often used to treat chips, cracks and weakened teeth. There are benefits to each option, although some cosmetic dentists recommend dental crowns for molars and teeth more heavily relied upon for chewing, whereas dental veneers are often a more ideal solution when needed primarily for cosmetic reasons rather than oral health or functional reasons. 

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