Dental Implants: A Solution for Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Gainesville, GA

Dental implants are an effective and modern way to go about replacing missing teeth. You are not alone with your predicament; most people lose one or more of their permanent teeth over the course of their lives. Common reasons why people lose teeth include trauma to the face, aging, or oral issues like periodontal disease.

For many of these people, dental implants can provide a solution that is virtually indistinguishable from a real tooth.

Living without some of your teeth creates a few challenges. First, not having a full set of teeth can restrict the foods you can consume which can lead to nutritional imbalances. Also, having one or more missing teeth can lead to a person being self-conscious about their appearance, lowering their confidence. Lastly, teeth play an important role when it comes to speech, so missing some teeth can lead to difficulty pronouncing words.

Why dental implants are a popular solution for missing teeth

Implants provide a solution for missing teeth that functions and feels natural. Implants serve as an anchor for restorations that are used to replace the patient’s missing teeth. The implant replaces teeth roots that fall out when teeth are lost.

When used to replace a single tooth, an implant is fitted with a customized crown that is designed to look natural in the patient’s mouth. The crown is attached to an abutment that is connected to the external-facing end of the implant.

Implants are typically made from titanium — which is one of the strongest metals around. It is durable enough to withstand bite forces experienced when chewing and it is resistant to acids created by oral bacteria. Implants can last a lifetime when maintained with good oral hygiene.

Implants are rod or screw-shaped restorations that are surgically inserted directly into the patient’s jawbone. The implant is pushed into a hole made in the jaw and it fuses with the bone tissues around it through a process called osseointegration.

Implants help to preserve a patient’s jawbone tissues by transferring bite forces to the jaw when chewing. This gives bone tissues in the jaw all the stimulation they need in order to remain healthy.

Life with dental implants

Let us take a closer look at some of the reasons why implants are so popular with those looking to replace missing teeth:

  • No need for special cleaning: Unlike other missing tooth replacement options like dentures which require special cleaning daily, implants do not come with this burdensome requirement
  • Implants feel and look natural: Implants work similarly to the way real teeth work. It is virtually impossible to tell when a person has an implant
  • Implants keep the teeth properly aligned: Teeth tend to try to close spaces that develop in a person’s smile. Replacing a lost tooth with an implant prevents this from happening

Replace your missing teeth

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