Are Implant-Supported Dentures Ideal for Multiple Missing Teeth?

Implant-Supported Dentures Gainesville, GA

Many understand that dental implants are a great option for replacing a missing tooth, but you can also use Implant-Supported Dentures as a way to replace multiple missing teeth and it will still allow for a great cosmetic dental transformation. It is helpful to know how implant-supported dentures work in order to make an informed decision about treatment. 

Implant-supported dentures for multiple missing teeth

Implant-supported dentures are different than dental implants with a crown or bridge attachment, and they are capable of replacing an entire row of missing teeth. The following is an overview of implant-supported dentures for multiple missing teeth. We also discuss how they help patients achieve a more attractive smile, allowing for a cosmetic transformation.

What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are a form of teeth replacement that involves a dental implant, abutment and dentures. Traditional dentures typically rest upon and are supported by the gums, whereas implant-supported dentures are supported by dental implants, which are small screw-like dental devices that are placed inside the jaw. The abutment attaches the dental implant and the dentures together for a secure hold long-term. For implant-supported dentures, the patient most often requires multiple dental implants to replace a section or entire row of missing teeth. 

What are the benefits of implant-supported dentures?

Since implant-supported dentures attach and rely upon dental implants that are placed inside the jaw, they are very similar to natural teeth and offer numerous benefits, which include:

  • Improved appearance
  • Increased confidence
  • Better daily function
  • Improved oral health
  • Long-term stability

Replacing missing teeth helps many feel more confident in their appearance and allows for the ability to show a full set of beautiful teeth. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, implant-supported dentures also make daily functions such as eating and speaking easier, along with preventing bone loss and providing various other oral health benefits. 

Who is an ideal candidate for implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are intended for patients who have multiple missing teeth or an entire row of missing teeth, whereas dental implants with a crown might be more appropriate for single tooth replacement. However, there are other treatment options for multiple teeth replacement, such as traditional dentures and fixed bridges.

Implant-supported dentures are the right option if the patient does not mind a more invasive procedure to achieve longer-lasting and higher quality results. 

How can implant-supported dentures replace multiple missing teeth?

The implant-supported dentures process involves strategic placement of the implants, upon which the dentures attach. For entire row replacement, otherwise referred to as full arch replacement, a technique known as “all-on-4” might be recommended, which involves four dental implants placed to support a complete denture to cover an entire row of missing teeth. Full arch replacement can help patients achieve a good cosmetic outcome, allowing for a confident smile. 

Talk to a cosmetic dentist about implant-supported dentures

The best way to learn more about implant-supported dentures and to make an informed decision about treatment is to talk to a cosmetic dentist. Our cosmetic dental team helps patients through the implant-supported dentures process, answering any questions they have along the way. If you are missing multiple teeth and want to find out if you make a good candidate for implant-supported dentures, reach out to us today to schedule your first visit. 

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