Commonly Asked Questions About Single Tooth Dental Implants

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Dental implants can provide you with strong, natural-looking teeth. These are the strongest teeth replacements you can get. Having a titanium rod as your prosthetic root will give you stability as you talk, chew, and bite. One missing tooth needs one dental implant. If you want to know more about single-tooth dental implants, here are some common questions and answers about them.

Is getting single-tooth dental implants painful?

Each person has a different tolerance for pain or discomfort. Most people reported less discomfort than they imagined. The implant surgery itself will not be painful at all because the patient will be under anesthesia. The dentist will use sterile and gentle techniques. These will prevent damage to the surrounding tissue. Prescription pain relievers can help manage the pain after the anesthetic wears off.

How long does it take to have stable implants?

The timeline in getting single-tooth dental implants depends on the individual’s dental health and the number of teeth in need of replacements. It also depends on the type of missing teeth and if the damaged teeth will need extraction first. A bone graft procedure can improve the thickness of the jawbone before implant surgery. This will lengthen the procedure more. The site needs complete healing before the implant surgery.

The restoration will start with the placement of the titanium rods. It will take about four to six months of complete healing before the dentist places the abutment. The dental crowns will follow after two weeks. The ability of the person to heal will influence the pace of the procedure.

Can a single-tooth dental implant surgery start right after dental extraction?

In some cases, the dentist can extract the tooth and place the titanium rods into the empty sockets. This can happen if there is a good amount of bone in the area. This is important in holding the prosthetic roots. A bone graft may follow after the extraction if the bone mass is not enough. In this case, it can take about three to six months after extraction before the dentist can place the titanium rods.

Can a person’s oral tissues reject single-tooth implants?

The jawbone often accepts the titanium rods of single-tooth dental implants. The only ones who can reject these restorations are those with allergic reactions to titanium alloy. Dental implant failure can also happen if the individual does not take proper care of the dental implants after surgery. Inadequate oral hygiene could make the implant sites vulnerable to bacterial infections. Over time, the implant site will loosen and detach.

Who are good candidates for single-tooth dental implants?

A good candidate for these implants must have good dental and general health. There should also be an ideal amount of bone in the jaw. This will provide proper bone support to the titanium rods. A person with at least one missing tooth and a mature jawbone can have single-tooth dental implants. An individual with a commitment to the process can also have these dental implants. A non-smoker can heal better during and after the procedure.

What are the benefits of single tooth implants?

An individual can get two sets of teeth while growing up — primary and permanent teeth. Many factors can lead to the loss of a permanent tooth. Cosmetic dentistry can provide a single tooth implant to restore the balance in the dental arch. This type of implant can bring many advantages. Here are some of the benefits of single tooth dental implants:

  • Long-lasting restorations
  • Improve one’s appearance
  • Elevate self-esteem
  • Encourage an active lifestyle
  • Decay-resistant
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Removes diet changes

What are the activities to avoid after implant surgery?

The patient should avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption. These substances cause gum recession and infection. Gum structure weakens over time because of them. Refraining from applying heat on the face will prevent the rush of blood in the area. This can help prevent swelling.

Drinking from straws is not advisable. This increases the pressure inside the mouth. The intense pressure dislodges the blood clot that seals the tooth. Bleeding will happen again. This can then delay the area’s healing. It could even expose the treated tooth to more infection.

Knowing what you can about single-tooth dental implants is crucial before getting them

Single-tooth dental implants are stable and durable. You do not need to worry that they will wiggle or slip out. Your dentist can determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Knowing everything you can about these restorations can help you prepare for your procedure.

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