Cosmetic Dentistry for Missing Teeth: Dental Implant Restoration

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You can get a dental implant for each tooth that needs restoration. Through successful dental implant therapy, you can regain the look, feel, and function of the tooth or teeth that you lost. It may take time, but the rewards are lasting. If you want to understand the process involved in getting dental implants, here are the steps.


One patient’s dental needs are different from the next one’s. That is why dentists make sure to evaluate each patient well during the consultation. A dentist will always listen to the patient’s concerns. Then, after a thorough inspection of the patient’s mouth, the dentist will discuss the best means to restore the patient’s smile. A dental implant may be the most optimal option. With it, the patient does not have to worry about the implant falling off.

The dentist will subject the dentist to a visual examination and dental X-rays. The dentist will see if the patient is a good candidate for dental implants. If the patient is, a discussion of the necessary procedures will take place. The patient should understand that dental implant therapy takes dedication, patience, time, and money.

Treatment plan

The dentist can start creating the patient’s tailor-fit treatment plan. Once the plan comes together, the dentist discusses it with the patient. It contains the steps necessary to achieve a successful dental implant surgery. When the patient agrees with the treatment plan, the dentist will schedule the next visit. By then, the treatments will begin.

Dental extraction

If the dentist sees that the patient should have a tooth extraction, then this should happen before the dental implant surgery. For tooth or teeth that have severe damage, the dentist should remove the affected tooth or teeth and clean out the dental space. Heavily decaying teeth should also go through an extraction. The dentist will discuss the reason for the patient’s dental extraction first before performing the procedure.

Bone grafting

Before the dental implant placement, some patients may need to have bone grafting first. During this treatment, the dentist takes some bone from another part of the patient’s body and grafts it to the patient’s weak jawbone. Bone grafting strengthens the jawbone. A healthy jawbone is necessary for the implant to stay in place. A bone graft takes time to heal and stabilize before the dentist can place the implant.

Placement of dental implants

When the patient returns after healing from the bone graft, the dentist will perform a visual and X-ray evaluation. These exams are necessary to see if the patient’s jawbone is strong enough. The dentist places the titanium rod through the patient’s gums and jawbone. Then a healing abutment follows. Once the implants, jawbone, and soft tissue have integrated well, the dentist can start attaching the aesthetic crowns to the abutment.

Having a successful dental implant procedure can change your life

Through the experience and skills of your cosmetic dentist, you can get new and successful implants. With dental implant surgery, you can regain the function of healthy teeth that you have lost before. While it is true that getting implants needs effort, money, and time, the results can bring comfort and a higher aesthetic value to your smile. It is a life-changing procedure that any person deserves to have.

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