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Cosmetic dentistry can treat worn-down teeth. Using dental crowns can enhance your smile and oral health. Many people choose to have crowns or caps for their worn-down teeth. Caps have a high level of durability and aesthetic quality. If you want to know how cosmetic dentistry uses crowns to restore worn teeth, here are the details.

Causes of dental wear

Several factors can cause dental wear. The dentist will ask the patient several probing questions to help determine the main cause of worn-down dentition. This will help the dentist and the patient come up with several strategies for its prevention. Then, both can determine the most optimal treatment plan. Cosmetic dentistry can correct this problem. Below are some of the common causes of dental wear:

  • Abrasion from using teeth for opening packages or chewing hard items. This can also result from hard brushing with stiff bristles.
  • Bruxism or teeth grinding during the day or at night. This can result from posture, misalignment of teeth, diet, stress, or anxiety. It can also come from depression, eating disorders, and jaw pain.
  • Some over-the-counter teeth-whitening treatments can be too aggressive. These products can wear away the enamel layer and contribute to worn-down teeth.
  • Constant exposure to acids can strip away the enamel. This happens because of consuming acidic drinks and foods.

Problems from worn-down teeth

Worn teeth can result in huge functional and aesthetic issues. These will need professional cosmetic dentistry treatments. Translucent teeth come from aggressive dental whitening and bleaching treatments. It can also come from celiac disease and acid erosion.

The dentin layer underneath is yellow. The yellowing of teeth shows how thin the enamel is. The exposure of the dentin leaves the nerves vulnerable to temperature changes. Worn teeth can also lead to alignment issues. These can cause jaw pain and headaches. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can correct this situation.

Cosmetic dentistry can use dental crowns for worn teeth

Worn-down teeth need immediate and effective treatment. A dentist can use dental crowns to improve worn teeth. These restorations are custom-fit. They can cover the affected teeth well. Crowns can build up and stabilize the deteriorated dental structure.

A dental crown can come in many different types of lasting materials. The durability of these materials can protect worn teeth from further damage or infections. Cosmetic dentistry can use crowns to improve the appearance and function of the weakened dentition. Bite and chew strength can give way to better digestion. This will encourage better general health.

Cracked and shortened teeth can have another chance at performing without pain with dental crowns. These dental restorations can shield teeth from acids and bacterial deterioration. They can also shield weakened teeth from elements capable of triggering sensitivity. One of these elements is air. Exposure to it can cause severe pain.

Different types of dental crowns

Patients and dentists can decide on what type of dental crowns can complete the patient’s smile. The right type of crown can meet the patient’s dental needs. All-resin crowns are less expensive than the other types of caps. These crowns can deteriorate over time. Patients tend to have regular repairs or replacements.

Metal crowns are made of different types of metals like nickel, chromium, and palladium. These restorations are durable and resist wear. Dentists use these caps to restore the back teeth because these crowns do not blend with the neighboring teeth. Porcelain-fused-to-metal can match with the neighboring natural teeth, but it has a metal component. This metal part often shows along the gumline. Dentists can use these restorations in the back and front teeth.

All-porcelain crowns provide natural results. These are ideal choices for people with metal allergies. These may not be as strong as metal crowns, but these caps are durable and stain-resistant. Dentists can use these crowns for the front teeth.

Pressed ceramic crowns have a strong inner core. These caps replace the metal lining in other ceramic crowns. Pressed ceramic caps are covered with porcelain. This provides natural tooth color. These ceramic crowns are more lasting than all-porcelain crowns.

Cosmetic dentistry can restore worn teeth by treating them with dental crowns

Many factors contribute to worn-down teeth. This type of deterioration can result in pain, ineffective dental functions, and low self-image. Cosmetic dentistry can use dental crowns to treat worn teeth. It can bring back the strength and structural integrity of your natural dentition. An appointment with your dentist can determine if you can get dental crowns for your worn teeth.

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