Preventive Care Options from a Family Dentist

Preventive Care Options from a Family Dentist from GDC Smiles in Gainesville, GAPreventive dental care from your family dentist is a priority. After all, preventing infections and damage is easier than going through many dental treatments. Having this type of dentist will allow you to have the upper hand when it comes to your oral health. Here are the different preventive dental care options that you can get from your family dentist.

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride can protect teeth from bacterial acids and strengthen teeth. Some people get fluoride from their local water supply, but others do not. Talking to the dentist about fluoride supplements is also an option. A family dentist can provide fluoride treatments after a dental cleaning. It is easy to get during a regular dental appointment.

Dental sealants

Young children are ideal candidates for this preventive care option. The family dentist can give kids this protective coating on the child’s baby teeth and new adult teeth. The chewing surfaces of the back teeth need this treatment the most because the grooves tend to harbor stuck food particles and plaque. Painting these teeth with dental sealants can prevent food particles and bacteria from getting into the grooves. This can then prevent cavities. Dental sealants also make chewing surfaces easier to clean.


Teeth grinding or jaw clenching is common in some people. The excessive pressure from bruxism can cause teeth to wear down and crack. It can even lead to gum recession, which invites more bacteria into teeth and gums. A family dentist can provide a custom nightguard, which the patient needs to wear every night. This dental device prevents upper and lower teeth from grinding against each other.

Deep cleanings

Dental deep cleanings can prevent cavities and infections. Many dentists recommend them two times a year. In some cases, patients can have more frequent deep cleanings. A family dentist can perform this type of preventive care as a way to keep plaque and tartar away.

Dental bonding

This is a common preventive care option. A family dentist can suggest and provide this treatment to children, adults, and seniors. Dental bonding can provide another layer of protection around teeth. It can prevent cavities, breaks, chips, and cracks.

The family dentist will clean the tooth first. Then, applying a roughening gel on the affected tooth will follow. The dentist will then apply the bonding material to the tooth. A curing light will harden the material. The dentist will shape and polish the material on the tooth. Doing so will allow the tooth to blend with the neighboring teeth.

Children, teens, and adults can get dental bonding. The dentist will match the material to the natural color of the tooth. This preventive care option is quick to get. It will need one dental appointment for the entire procedure and no recovery time after.

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Your family dentist can improve your dental health with preventive care treatments

Keeping dental damage and infections at bay is not always easy. But regular visits to your family dentist can help ward off different dental problems by performing preventive dental care options. Any one of them can improve your oral health. Working with your family dentist can help you maintain a healthy mouth for a long time.

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