Qualifications of a Family Dentist

Qualifications of a Family Dentist from GDC Smiles in Gainesville, GAFamily dentists are uniquely qualified to offer various dental services to patients of all ages. Children, teens, and adults can visit the dentist for teeth cleanings, checkups, cavity fillings, and other restorative dental procedures. This article will examine the qualifications of family dentists to help you find the right one for your family’s oral health.

Education and training

Becoming a family dentist requires three to five years of additional education after earning a bachelor’s degree. While attending an accredited dental school, dental students are trained on how to inspect the oral cavity and diagnose oral health issues. Learning to complete various dental procedures, such as filling cavities, is an integral part of this training.

After graduating with a degree in dentistry, aspiring dentists must then pass the National Board Dental Examination, or “NBDE,” to become licensed to practice. This examination is composed of both a written and practical exam. Many dentists also complete continuing education to stay current with developments in dental technology.

Experience in family dental health

A qualified dental professional has years of experience in their area of practice. A family dentist has helped patients of all ages, from younger children to older adults. They should also have experience treating a wide range of oral health issues. Thus, they can spot any underlying issues while providing other dental services.

A variety of dental services

Patients in need of routine dental care will find what they are looking for at the family dentist. Most offer services related to preventative dentistry and oral hygiene. Some are even qualified to provide some type of orthodontics, like clear aligners. The most common procedures offered by family dentists are:

  • Six-month checkups and cleanings
  • Cavity prevention and treatment
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Gum disease prevention

Treating patients with dental anxiety

Most family dentists have experience treating patients with dental anxiety. While they are not mental health professionals who can treat anxiety directly, dentists can help patients manage their anxiety long enough to complete a dental procedure. Regardless of whether the patient is a child, teenager, or adult, there are many techniques learned through experience that can help:

  • Short appointment times
  • Working quickly but thoroughly
  • Taking breaks during treatment
  • Using a weighted blanket
  • Listening to music or using other distractions

Specialized equipment and technology

Up-to-date technology is an important qualification for family dentists. The healthcare industry is always developing new techniques and equipment to approach dental issues in innovative ways. Whether it is the latest tool for removing tartar or a new fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay, a qualified family dentist will stay in the know about these developing technologies.

Within the same vein, a family dentist will also have specialized equipment for the dental procedures they provide. An example would be keeping smaller X-ray bite tabs on hand for child patients.

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