Single vs. Multiple Tooth Implant

Multiple Tooth Implant Gainesville, GA

If you have missing teeth and want to do something about it, consider a single vs. multiple tooth implant. Although the outcome of these restorative dental procedures is much the same, there are differences in the process. It all starts by consulting with your dentist to confirm you make a good candidate. If so, you will not regret the decision to have the procedure done.

Understanding a single vs. multiple tooth implant

No matter which one a patient gets, implants serve as one or more artificial teeth. Once surgically implanted into the jawbone and gum tissue, they become a permanent part of a patient’s mouth structure. Along with the tooth, this procedure replaces the roots. Not only do these improve functionality and smile but also prevent bone loss and gum recession.

Which option is better?

It is not so much which works better, but more which one is appropriate for the patient. Every individual is different, so a dentist will first determine the correct action required. If someone has only one missing tooth, then a single implant makes the most sense. On the other hand, when an individual has several missing teeth, the dental professional would recommend a multiple tooth implant. It all comes down to a specific patient’s needs.

In looking at a single vs. multiple tooth implant, people should think of them as different options with a similar outcome. As stated, a single implant works great when an individual has a solitary missing tooth, whereas, a multiple tooth implant is for someone with several missing teeth or even if they have no teeth at all. Teeth fall out for a variety of reasons. This happens because of decay, trauma, poor living habits, and even chemotherapy.

Wonderful benefits

As for a single vs. multiple tooth implant, patients enjoy the same benefits. For one thing, these artificial teeth last a lifetime and the person never has to take them out. For a single tooth, a dental laboratory can match it to the patient’s existing teeth. That includes shape, size, length, and color. For a multiple tooth implant, the same applies unless the person has no teeth at all. In that case, the individual can work with the dentist to have implants made that look and feel natural.

The procedures

For a single vs. multiple tooth implant, a dentist first inserts one or more titanium screws into the patient’s jawbone. That serves as the anchor for the permanent replacement tooth. If someone has just one missing tooth, sometimes, a dental professional can do the procedure in a single visit. In comparison, the process for getting a multiple tooth implant can take between two and six weeks.

Two great possibilities

Regardless of your situation, do not think dentures are your only solution. As shown with the information provided for a single vs. multiple tooth implant, this is a lasting option that improves functionality and smile. You deserve to have a full set of teeth. By visiting a dentist who offers restorative procedures, you can have just that.

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