When are New Teeth on Implants Needed?

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Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and improve the appearance and functionality of the patient’s teeth. However, the replacement teeth might have to be replaced after a while for a variety of reasons. Take a look at how the implant process works and when the artificial teeth have to be replaced.

When are new dental implant crowns needed?

Dental implants are very popular because these provide people with replacement teeth that look like real teeth and function like them as well. The process involves cutting into the jaw to remove the tooth roots if they are still in there and replacing them with titanium posts, which act as tooth roots. After the titanium posts are fused to the jaw, an abutment is placed on the top of it before the surgeon attaches the artificial tooth to the abutment to complete the implant process. The artificial tooth or crown is usually made from porcelain fused to metal or ceramic, which are color-matched to the natural teeth to make them look like the patient’s real teeth.

Why does the artificial crown have to be replaced?

In a lot of cases, dental implants and the artificial crowns attached to them can last the patient’s lifetime. However, some patients do not take proper care of their new teeth because these teeth are not real and the patient does not feel like these need the same attention that natural teeth do, which eventually leads to the teeth getting damaged. When the teeth are damaged, patients need to have the artificial teeth replaced. Some of the most common reasons people have the artificial teeth replaced include chipping, discoloration and wear.


Even though the crowns attached to dental implants are usually made from durable material, they can still be damaged. Chipping usually occurs if the patient frequently bites down on hard foods and candy, use teeth as bottle openers, engage in physical sports or get in an accident. Since the teeth are artificial, the damage will not lead to pain. However, it will ruin the appearance of the dental crown and will need to be replaced.


The artificial teeth used to replace the natural teeth are usually very hard to stain, but it is not impossible. Patients who drink coffee excessively, smoke cigarettes or drink wine, increase the chances of staining their artificial teeth, especially if the artificial teeth are in front of the mouth. Even though it will take some years before the stains start to show, they will eventually become visible and will have to be replaced to restore the appearance of the teeth.


Everyday wear is another reason the artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth have to be replaced. In a lot of cases, the wear on the artificial teeth is caused by patients using an abrasive toothbrush to brush their teeth. The toothbrush scratches the surface of the artificial teeth, which makes it easier for the teeth to become stained and damaged.


The artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth when a patient gets dental implants are usually very durable but can also get damaged. If you have dental implants and want to avoid having the artificial teeth replaced in the future, ask your oral surgeon for some tips on how to take proper care of your new teeth.

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