The most natural-looking option to replace missing teeth is with dental implants. A dental implant is a sturdy metal cylinder–usually made of titanium–that is surgically implanted in the jaw to serve as an artificial root on which a crown, bridge or denture is placed. The main advantage of an implant over a bridge is that the teeth next to the space do not have to be altered, thus reducing the chance they may also require treatment.

Dental implants are a good choice because they solve a variety of problems associated with missing teeth. As those who are missing one or more teeth know, chewing, speech and digestion can be affected negatively by gaps between teeth. In addition, many people who are missing teeth feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile.


Unlike dental bridges, dental implants do not affect surrounding teeth. Completed implants closely replicate the natural condition of your teeth, and they may be used to replace one or several teeth.


The dental implant procedure generally involves two phases:

  • The first stage of the dental implant procedure involves placing what is known as an anchor directly into the bone in the area where the natural tooth once was. The anchor is made from surgical grade, hypoallergenic titanium, which is safe for everyone. The exact placement of the dental implant is carefully considered after an extensive evaluation of how your teeth bite together and function.
  • Once the anchor is in place, the second phase of the procedure begins. A natural-looking porcelain crown is placed on the anchor. The size, shape and color of the crown are custom-matched to your existing teeth. After a short healing phase, you are welcome to resume the normal eating habits you were once used to. Implants generally take three to six months to complete, as your own bone must heal around the implant so it is stable in its position. Until the implants are solidly healed, most patients must wear a temporary crown or removable partial denture. Once the implant is completely healed, your dentist at GDC Smiles will place a specially made artificial tooth that perfectly fits the shape of your mouth. You’ll look and feel fantastic!


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