Dental Crown: A Cosmetic Procedure to Restore a Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth Gainesville, GA

When you have a broken tooth, you may end up panicking or even sulking over it, especially if you floss and brush twice daily. Anything can cause a damaged tooth. Biting on hard food, a fight, an accident, or a sports injury to the orofacial region can all damage a tooth. When your tooth breaks, you tend to experience pain or feel awkward about it. Fortunately, dental crowns are available to restore a broken tooth.

The process of using a dental crown to repair a broken tooth

A drive to the dental clinic needs to happen right away. The dentist will evaluate the patient’s tooth and see how extensive the damage is. If the patient’s tooth broke at the top and a large piece fell off, a dental crown would be the right type of restoration for it. The dentist will start grinding off the rough parts and a thin layer of enamel from the tooth.

The dentist will mix some molding batter and take an impression of the patient’s upper or lower set of gums and teeth. This impression will serve as a pattern for the dental lab in creating the permanent dental crown for the patient. The fabrication of the permanent dental crown will take about two weeks. The choice of material depends on the patient’s preference. Resin and porcelain are the popular choices because they have the same color as natural teeth.

A temporary dental crown will go over the broken tooth while the patient waits for the permanent dental crown. The dentist will clean the tooth and fit the temporary crown over it. Dental cement will adhere the transient crown to the damaged tooth. When the lab finishes fabricating the permanent dental crown, the patient must come back for a fitting. The dentist will make some adjustments first. Only when the permanent crown fits perfectly will the dentist adhere it to the broken tooth.

The permanent dental crown is ideal for repairing and restoring a broken tooth. It fills the missing piece. At the same time, it protects the damaged tooth from infection and from further damage. It may take a while before the permanent crown restores the tooth, but it will be worth the wait.

Reasons for choosing a dental crown

Many patients want to get a dental crown restoration for a broken tooth because it covers the entire tooth from top to base. If the tooth has a high risk of falling apart, a dental crown will keep the tooth together. It can even strengthen the damaged tooth while holding it in place. If there are cracks, a dental crown can prevent them from getting worse, as well. Since it looks like a natural tooth, it blends well with the patient’s original teeth.

A dental crown is a long-lasting treatment option for a damaged tooth

Dealing with a broken tooth can be agonizing, irritating, and depressing at the same time. If you accidentally break your tooth, seeing your dentist is the right way to save it. A dental crown can help repair, restore, strengthen, and protect your broken tooth. It may take two weeks and two clinic appointments to get the job done, but it will be worth your time, money, and effort.

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