What Are Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Deal With a Missing Tooth?

Missing Tooth Gainesville, GA

Having a missing tooth can be annoying and hard to manage. For example, eating may prove to be difficult, and smiling may not feel good. Thankfully, there are a few treatment options that general dentists can provide to replace the tooth in a way that appears and feels natural. 

While there are a few general treatment options, it is also good to know that each person has varying needs. This means that some individuals may be good candidates for certain procedures, while others may not. Continue reading to learn more about the different treatment options from a cosmetic 

Missing tooth procedures

Outlined below are a few general dentistry procedures that are recommended for individuals who have a missing tooth. Reviewing this information can be helpful to those who are considering their options.

First and foremost

When suffering from a missing tooth, dentists may immediately recommend a space maintainer to keep the other surrounding teeth from shifting and closing the space. Shifting can cause serious damage long-term, requiring oral health issues. Space maintainers can be easily placed in a quick procedure and they help to keep the gap open so that a long-term solution can be achieved. Long-term solutions include dental implants or bridges, both of which are highlighted below. 

Dental implant and crown

The most highly recommended way to deal with a missing tooth is to have a dental implant placed. Dental implants replace a missing tooth over the course of a few months. The initial procedure takes no more than 90 minutes; however, there is a period of osseointegration that happens afterward. Osseointegration occurs when the implant fuses with the jawbone naturally. This part is necessary in order for the mouth to function normally again. 

After the fusing is complete, the dentist will place a dental crown atop the implant. The crown serves as the artificial tooth and allows for smiling, speaking, and eating. 

Dental bridge and crown

Another popular way to deal with a missing tooth is to have a dental bridge placed. A bridge literally bridges the gap between two teeth that have a missing tooth in between. Unlike a dental implant, the bridge is not embedded into the bone, which means a less invasive procedure and a quicker recovery time. However, there is a risk of bone deterioration, since the roots are not replaced. Nonetheless, dental bridges work great to address missing teeth. Just like with an implant, a dental crown is used in conjunction with the bridge, as it serves as the artificial tooth. 

Find out more from a general dentist

When suffering from a missing tooth, it is best to consult with a general dentist directly. An evaluation can be performed in order to determine what treatment route to take, whether that be a bridge or implant. Additionally, any questions or concerns regarding treatment for a missing tooth can be addressed. Reach out today to get scheduled for an appointment or to find out more!

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