How To Know if You Need a Cosmetic Dentist

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If you are unhappy with your smile, catching yourself covering your mouth when you laugh or grinning with closed lips for photos, you may want to visit a cosmetic dentistCosmetic dentistry is a rapidly growing industry that focuses on the look and feel of your teeth, gums, and mouth, with the goal of enhancing your appearance and restoring your confidence.

Signs you may need a cosmetic dentist

With modern dental technology, cosmetic dentists are able to perform a wide variety of procedures with no tooth condition considered "too far gone" for a solution. There are several reasons you may choose to see a cosmetic dentist.

Your teeth are discolored

Years of drinking tea, coffee, and wine can gradually lead to discoloration of your teeth. In addition, certain foods and bad habits like smoking can dull or stain your pearly whites. With teeth whitening, stains can be eliminated and teeth can be restored to a dramatic white in less than an hour. Bleaching in the dental office involves applying a gel to the teeth and activating it with special lighting for about 30 minutes. Specially-made trays can be used to continue the bleaching process at home.

Your teeth are uneven

If your bite is not properly aligned, your bite force is unevenly distributed among your teeth, causing some of them to wear more quickly and potentially break. Uneven teeth are also more difficult to clean, which leads to a greater number of cavities. Bite issues can also cause temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJ, which is an uncomfortable condition that causes damage to teeth surfaces. By addressing alignment issues with appliances like clear braces or aligners, the cosmetic dentist can help to alleviate uneven bite force and save your teeth from cavities and premature breakage.

You have missing teeth

If you are missing one or multiple teeth, you probably have problems eating and speaking, in addition to the self-consciousness you have because of the appearance of your mouth. Dental implants can replace the missing teeth, restoring natural function to your mouth, improving your smile, restoring your self-confidence, and resulting in a more youthful facial appearance.

You have cavities

Indirect fillings, also known as inlays and onlays, are procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist. Created in a lab, the indirect fillings are used when mild to moderate levels of decay have invaded a tooth or its structure is insufficient to support a filling. The inlay is directly placed on the surface of the tooth, provided the cusp is undamaged. If there is damage to the cusp of a larger part of the tooth, the dentist may opt for an onlay to cover the entire surface. Once made of gold, inlays and onlays are now created from porcelain or ceramic composite, providing support to the teeth while restoring their shape and preventing additional decay or deterioration.


A cosmetic dentist can provide a number of beneficial treatments and procedures to enhance the look and function of your teeth, gums, and mouth. If you have discolored, missing, damaged, or decaying teeth, consider a visit to a cosmetic dentist to improve your smile.

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